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LIMITED EDITION. As part of the “Reach your Summit” campaign, Alpina is proud to announce the successful launch of an AlpinerX watch into space, reaching an altitude of 33,793 meters going higher than the planet earth's top summit: the Mount Everest at 8,848 meters. Once again Alpina pushed the limits and maxed the use of the altimeter function on the watch.

In partnership with “Sent into space", a start-up company specialized in Space photography, based in the region of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, a video of the launch presents the project as the watch was filmed on its way up to space and down again to planet earth after a 3 hour flight. The film offers breathtaking images of the AlpinerX with planet earth as a backdrop. The watch was then recovered by “Sent into space” 60KM away from the launch location. It is now visible in the Alpina museum of Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.

On this occasion and to mark 2019 as the 50th anniversary of Man’s landing on the moon, Alpina created a special edition of 299 pieces in a deep blue color. The backcase presents a special engraving, with the moon appearing at the center of Alpina’s famous triangle logo, inspired by the Matterhorn in 1900.

This limited-edition "Space" watch features 5 sensors on the dial and case that track the altitude, barometer, compass, connected GPS, UV indicator and temperature in any atmosphere. Along with connected functions such as activity and sleep tracking, calls and message notifications and a worldtimer. This model features a navy fiber glass and stainless steel case, digital screen and navy leather strap with blue hands, black luminous treatment, and luminous silver indexes. With this watch you are ready to conquer anything!

  • Movement MMT-283-1, Horological Smartwatch; all connected functions operated by the crown
  • 2+ years battery life 
  • Case Size 45mm
  • Case Thickness 14.45mm
  • WR 100m/330ft
  • Anti-Reflective stratch - convex resistant Sapphire Crystal
  • 360° bi-directional turning compass bezel
  • Buckle, Pusher Crown


The entire watch is built to be you best companion in all your adventures and give you specific advice when you need it most.


Know when to protect your skin and eyes. A feature pertinent at altitude where the UV rays are less filtered by the atmosphere.


The connected GPS records your courses, walks, runs, etc. Start and stop recording from the watch, you will see your course on the map, with altitude and activity data.


Regular measurements of atmospheric pressure give you the weather trend. You can also quickly check any pressure change by looking at the graphs displayed in the application.


Temperature is measured at regular intervals by the embedded sensor. The companion app visualises variations of the temperature on a graph.


Wear your watch at night or put it under your pillow to record your sleep. Our smart sleep alarm and the resulting analysis, will wake your up bright and refreshed.


Keep track of daily steps, calories burned, and total distance achieved. You can also define your own objectives.





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